World War Web Advisory #7: Anonymous Has Been Occupied

“Anonymous” may once have been a homogenous band of high-minded hacktivist heroes working selflessly for the greater good. But sadly, that ship has sailed.


“Anonymous” has been occupied. And no longer just by web warriors laying waste to websites of the wicked, computer wizards worming their way into the iPhones of “Internet Security” frauds, or digital do-gooders doxing Congressional dolts and other corporate-controlled degenerates.

Like Al Qaeda, Anonymous is no longer a band. Like Al Qaeda, Anonymous is now just a brand. Like Al Qaeda, Anonymous is the boogeyman. What “Al Qaida Terrorism” did for the corporate cartel controlling America’s Military Industrial Complex, “Anonymous Hacktivism” will do for that same corporate cartel’s Terrorism Industrial Complex, the vastness and taxpayer cost of which – if ever disclosed – would certainly defy comprehension:

And like “Al Qaida Terrorist”, “Anonymous Hacktivist” is well on its way to becoming synonymous with “stateless enemy”, a label we’ve seen loosely and liberally applied to any and all willing to fight back against the global corporate fascist perpetual war-for-profit machine when it illegally crosses sovereign borders to immorally massacre millions of their innocent wives and mothers, sisters and brothers, and others whose only crime was refusing to become another corporate fascist puppet by compromising their principles in exchange for power or personal gain. And once that label is applied, given AUMF 2001 and now NDAA 2012, the fascist puppet regime in Washington DC can use whatever measures it deems necessary to make the troublemaker disappear – including arresting and detaining indefinitely without charge or trial an unarmed American citizen on American soil:

Also sobering is the ease with which sovereign governments, corporate conglomerates and the global elite who control them can now conduct false flag cyber-ops to advance their agendas and blame them on the brave band of brothers and sisters behind all those virtual Fawkesian masks. Consider, for example: When the FBI penetrated Lulz Security, was their aim merely to probe the hackers, or to impact their agenda? Were all of the federal websites hit in recent weeks hacked by democracy-minded dissidents, or were some of them targeted by Shangdong saboteurs from one of China’s six TRBs (technical reconnaissance bureaus)? And what was the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) recruiting hackers for, if not to hack?

Mikko Hypponen, Chief Research Officer for Finnish online security company F-Secure, answers with this:

“Anonymous is like an amoeba, it’s got too many different operations run by truly different people which might not share a single person with another operation, but they use the same branding – they are part of the Anonymous brand, just like al-Qaida. Its just a brand nowadays, nothing else. It’s run the same, so that, like al-Qaida, anyone can credit an attack to Anonymous and no one’s there to say otherwise.”



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  • Anonymous Has Been Occupied
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  • ironboltbruce

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    World War Web Advisory #7: Anonymous Has Been Occupied

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  • DrDee

    Since when hasn’t Anonymous BEEN a label? I mean, everything is technically a label but putting aside that, Anonymous has been a mantle for millions to take up whether they’re interested in their own gains or actually doing it for the greater good. Anons say they didn’t hack Sony and then other Anons said they did. Anons say they won’t bring down the national grid, other Anons say they will.

    It’s just a matter of time until, like the article suggests, governments start to utilize “Anonymous”, the brand much like they utilize the brand of “terrorist” and “Islamist”.