The Truth of Genesis: An Open Letter to the ACLU

There was an article written by “The Curmudgeon”, named “Ohio School Board Retreats from Creationism”. It is about the hypocrites on the Springboro School Board (a suburb of Dayton, Ohio), that were trying to gain notoriety among the voters by pretending to want to give school students another viewpoint besides the theory of evolution.

They weren’t serious, but I am. I wrote to them, and as just about all school boards do, they ignored me. I sent them the same letter as I did Texas (“An Open Letter to the Texas SBOE”:, who also failed to respond. But that didn’t inspire the writing of this letter. What else I read in “The Curmudgeon” did.

As my recent flurry of written articles suggests, I seek out challenges in order to disseminate the truth of Genesis, namely the first chapter. I’ve challenged the Pope (who exposed his ignorance about Genesis), the NCSE, the Discovery Institute, and the “creationist clowns” of all young Earth – old Earth creationist organizations I could find.

Current Creationism is a misrepresentation of what Moses wrote. The correct opposing view to evolution is the “Observations of Moses” which explains the 4+ billion year history of Earth.

In the Springboro article it said,

“Representatives of the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio and the national Freedom from Religion Foundation have written school leaders, noting legal action would be imminent if the district decided to teach some form of creationism”.

Oh really? So the ACLU is the “big bad wolf” that intimidates school boards, keeping many from giving their students a balanced education? This is another chapter of the article named “Termination Notice: The End of Evolution”.

I’ve been waiting to lock horns with the ACLU, ever since the cowards of the Cobb County school board needlessly capitulated to your whims, allowing the evolution theory to escape to live another day. This was in 2003 – 2004 in Atlanta, GA. Yes, they ignored my letters, and their impotent law firm ignored my phone calls, thinking that they could win without my assistance.

They thought wrong, as did the Dover Area School Board in York County, PA. I told them that Intelligent Design was inept, nearly worthless and that they should teach the “Observations of Moses”. As I did with Cobb County, I offered to work with the defense team, but all parties ignored me.

So the board lost the case, and their jobs. When will people start learning from the mistakes of others?

So, it comes to this.

Evolution is a lie. It is a foolish, ridiculous theory, embraced by atheists (and infidels), that has a monopoly in public schools. . ., currently I am determined to change that.

Public schools presently only offer evolution, which means that they are teaching the tenets of Atheism, using public funds. But the kicker is that the ACLU is the “guard-dog”, preventing many from offering opposing views to evolution.

I can’t challenge you directly, but if any public school board, that seriously wants to teach their students the truth about prehistoric history, I will gladly:

1) instruct their science teachers on how to correctly convey what Genesis says about our origins and history

2) work with the defense team to defeat the ACLU if they participate in any lawsuit against the board for “de-monopolizing” the evolution theory.

Reiterating, current creationism does not correctly convey what Moses saw and wrote in Genesis. Teaching from Genesis has nothing to do with “religion”. It conveys factual history which starts from Creation Week (168 hours), more than 4 billion years ago, down until the year 1958 BC.

So, to all school boards across America, I’m the “lion”, waiting to devour the “guard dog”, breaking all its teeth.

Start taking steps to teach your students the truth about our prehistoric past, without fear.


- Article Written By: Herman Cummings

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