The Truth of Genesis: An Attack Upon America, Part 4a – Barack Obama

In Part One, we compared traditional Satanism, which is the conscience worship of Satan, with the religion of Atheism, which is the subconscious worship of Satan, being that it is an outward “worship of self”.  The practice of Atheism, which is the interference and/or prevention of others in acknowledging God, is High Treason against America. 



Whether they are lying, or just idiots, Atheists believe that there is no entity in existence, that is greater than “self”, and there is no one to answer to, other than humanity.  They are actually offended by anything that even closely resembles any reference to God or the Bible…, and school boards and other entities are foolishness enough to appease these clowns.  This religion can trace its roots going back to Nimrod, and the Tower of Babel, in 2509 BC (Genesis 10: 8 thru 11: 9).



In Part Two, we revealed the agenda of homosexuality, and its attack upon America, and our children.  Even now, there are policies in place whose purpose is to “condition” our children to accept, and eventually explore the homosexual experience.  The roots of such repulsive activity can be traced back to the land of Canaan, named after a grandson of Noah.  The Canaanites sacrificed the lives and blood of three month old babies, to their imaginary gods (one of them named Tammuz), and practiced sexual perversion, including bestiality, homosexuality, wife swapping, and even such perversions that you can’t think of, such as satanic intimacy. 



Homosexuality (Satanism: ungodly worship & activity) goes back to Canaan, the fourth and youngest son of Ham.  Ham apparently did a poor job of teaching his children.  In the land of Canaan, in the year 2219 BC, God destroyed four of the five “cities of the Plain” for such evil.  Their names were Admah, Gomorrah, Sodom, and Zeboiim.  The city of Zoar was spared only because Lot went there overnight and hoped to stay, but Lot soon became afraid of the people there, and left and went to the mountains (Genesis 19 1: 30).



In Part Three, we exposed the theory of evolution, and the ungodly religion of Islam.  The  evolution theory is the “god” of Atheism, which ignores the 2+ billion year history of humanity on Earth, saying that mankind more recently evolved from lower animals.  Earth has seen at least five advents and departures of mankind since Creation Week, 4.6 billion years ago.  There have been extra-terrestrial causes, geologic causes, and even war that have been the “natural” cause of the decline of man.  Yet the actual cause has been Satan, that “entity of evil”, who was such a fool that he thought that he could overthrow our Creator, the “I AM”.



Also in Part Three, we exposed the militant teachings of an Arabian “gangster”, whose name was Muhammad Bin-Abdullah.  He instigated the religion of Islam in 609 AD.  He made the false claim that the angel Gabriel (taken from the Bible) came to him and told Muhammad that “Allah” (the pagan Arabian moon-god) wanted him to be Allah’s “last messenger”.



The religion (Nation) of Islam came to America by means of a man named Wallace D. Fard, who said that he was “Allah’s new messenger”, and later taught a man who came to Detroit named Robert Poole, who was born in Sandersville Georgia.  Robert Poole changed his name to Elijah Muhammad (becoming Allah’s new messenger when Fard jumped into hiding), and later taught another man named Malcom Little, who we came to know as Malcom “X”.



Each of the fore-mentioned three parts is actively having a role in an attack against America, destroying our morality, family values, and our (failing) sense of righteousness.  The religion of Atheism has taken over the worlds of academia and science.  As a result, over the last 55 years, this has led to the growing acceptance of sexual perversion (fornication & sodomy), and the loss of common sense and righteousness, as proven by the U.S. Supreme Court with their sacrilegious ruling on June 26, 2013.  Our foreign (and some domestic) policies have been influenced by Islam, and certain government officials have fallen into that evil web of Satan, dancing to his music.  Just look at the Democratic Party, to see what I mean.  America is being attacked from within.



Such blind foolishness seems to have begun in 2005 with President George W. Bush, calling Islam “a noble faith”.  Evidently, President Bush only read the first few chapters of the Qur’an, or only had certain parts of the book read to him.  Winston Churchill called Islam a “militant and proselytizing faith”.  God has never forced anyone to accept Him, or His “faith”.  But if Satan can’t “get you to play ball”, he will try to force you, just as demons and Islam have done over the centuries.


Notice that Islam teaches its people to fight and conquer, while Jesus told His followers to be wise as serpents, but harmless as doves!  So why would Bush foolishly open “Pandora’s box” and welcome Islam (Satanism) in with open arms?  Why do people so easily accept a lie, and choke at the truth?  Any religion that degrades women, forces itself on others in an attempt to gain world domination, and calls the Word of God a lie, is clearly of Satan.


Take note of the following passages: 

Quran (17:16) - "And when We wish to destroy a town, We send Our commandment to the people of it who lead easy lives, but they transgress therein; thus the word proves true against it, so We destroy it with utter destruction." 


Quran (48:29)

Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah ; and those with him are forceful against the disbelievers, merciful among themselves.


Quran (61:4) - "Surely Allah loves those who fight in His way" 


Where is all of this leading, particularly Parts One, Two and Three?  They were set down as the precursor to the current evil in the White House, President Barack Obama.  The in Bible, it says that the anti-Christ will be a deceiver. A person that will pretend to be of a certain character before obtaining a certain political position, and then will show their truth self afterwards. Jesus had a forerunner in John the Baptist, “making His paths straight”. The anti-Christ has had a forerunner in America, in the person of President Obama.



- Written By: Herman Cummings

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  • Brian Westley

    “Sensors detect whackaloon, Captain.”

  • The Satanic Gay Atheist

    This would be hilarious if it weren’t sincere. Atheism a religion? Being gay an act of worship? Islam is satanism? Islam condemns atheism and homosexuality. Furthermore, atheism is a lack of religious belief. You can’t reasonably assert that mutually exclusive things are the same. Furthermore, The US is constitutionally secular, atheism, therefore, is not treason. But for me, the funniest crazy thing has to be the convoluted journey from “Islam=satanism” to malcom x.

    Condensed, your insane vitriol fits into one paragraph: “everything and anything that isn’t white, conservative, heterosexual, fundamentalist Christian America is out to kill you and your children”.

    Although you do have a point regarding the incitements to violence in the quran. But how are they any different from the actions commanded by God in the Old Testament?

    • hzcummi

      God told Israel to conquer the land of Canaan, and God HELPED them to do so. Israel did not try to dominate the world, or force their faith on other nations.

      The Quran is a book of evil rantings by Muhammad, which have no proof that there was ever anything more than just his false claims. “Allah” had never spoken to anyone else, nor to his followers. Mormons have the same problem.

      If you are surprised by this, you don’t have an objective mind. There is visual evidence that God spoke to Israel in Saudi Arabia. They have closed off the site of the REAL Mt. Sinai, because it proves that the Exodus account is real.

  • Naurya

    I do not agree with everything you wrote however you make some valid points,

  • Saltychikha

    “conscience worship of Satan” Talking of idiots. No wonder you’re a fundy, if you get conscience mixed up with conscious. I didn’t get any further into the “article”, with basic, elementary level mistakes such as this, it is hardly worth reading.