The Abu Ghraib of Phoenix, Arizona: The Cruel Death Of Ernest Atencio & Others

Phoenix, AZ police have been implicated in 8 hours of video footage released by the MCSO (Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office) for participating in the death of a man in jail despite their apparent attempts to distance themselves from the incident by claiming the altercation that cost the man’s life happened after they transferred custody over to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Dept run under Sheriff Arpaio (self-styled “America’s Toughest Sheriff”).



In the video below an officer alleged to be a Phoenix PD cop puts the victim in a choke hold without any apparent threat from that victim.. at least not any physically visible threat.

The man who died in hospital care after the brutal treatment he received at the hands of 8 to 10 police officers was 44 year old Ernest “Marty” Atencio, father of four.

His grieving family decided to “pull the plug” on life support for Atencio a couple of days after the incident.

In footage shown before the above video, Atencio, who was bipolar and not on his medication at that time according to his family, was restrained to a seat with handcuffs after officers commanded slightly erratic and pacing Atencio to sit down.

Soon after, the video above shows what occurred:

Things seem to be going on smoothly until Atencio crosses his arms twice with his back against the wall. Then suddenly, the police officers start to handle Atencio with unnecessary numbers and force and in the end bring him to the ground.

Beneath this heavy pile of officers, an already restrained Atencio was repeatedly tasered.

Then the police officers, in another footage, throws a naked Atencio into an isolated cell. Why they stripped him naked is not yet known.

Footage then shows a still Atencio lying on the ground of the cell for approximately 10 minutes until medical staff accompanied by the police officers bursts into the cell. The rest as they say, is history. Atencio was brought to the hospital and put on life support and as mentioned, was pulled off of that life support by his family.

Atencio’s murder is not an isolated case. MCSO facilities have seen to a plethora of unnecessary and cruel deaths along with inhumane treatments of individuals at the hands of police officers, including Arpaio, who would later give ridiculous excuses for the causes of deaths (i.e. “falling off the bed”).

Isolated Case? Bullshit:

39 year old Jose Rodriquez, despite his and other inmates’ pleas for help, drowned in a pool of his own vomit. He was dehydrated, had a fever and kept twitching. Though officers did hear the cries for help, they went unheeded.

35 year old Scott Norberg was restrained in a “restraint chair” after being forced into it. As seen in released footage, officers bounded Norberg’s mouth with a towel and then started to taser and punch Norberg.

33 year old and mentally ill Charles Agster III was also put into a “restraint chair” like Norberg except with a black hood over his head. Agster then suffocated and became ‘brain dead’ leading to the pronouncement of his death three days after the incident.

46 year old Deborah Braillard, who was a diabetic and recorded as so in the MCSO’s health records, received no treatment for her diabetes despite her pleas. Her cellmates also pleaded with the jail nurses to give Braillard some insulin but were subsequently ignored. Braillard then went into diabetic shock and died later due to lack of insulin.

40 year old, blind man Brian Crenshaw was serving a short sentence for shoplifting until he was brutally beaten to death in jail by police officers. He was found comatose with ruptured intestines, broken toes and a broken neck. He later died because, according to Arpaio himself, he “fell” off of his four-foot high bed.

Similarly to Agster III, a man called Clint Yarbrough suffocated to death in a “restraint chair”.

Michael Sanderson, Juan Vasquez, Kevin Holschlag and Thomas Bruce Cooley, despite being tagged as potential suicidees by federal inspectors, committed suicide under the watch of police officers.


- Article Written By: Anonymous


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