Super Bowl Predictions

As the Super Bowl looms large, you can’t help but predict a winner.

As a sports writer, the week of the Super Bowl is the cream of the crop when it comes to sports media, as it allows every sports analyst to be on common ground. As for the game, we have a good one folks! Bring out your sodas and cheese puffs because you have two teams that were the best: the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints squaring off in Super Bowl XLIV at SunLife Stadium in Miami. Both are number one seeds, both with great quarterbacks and explosive offenses.  For either team to win, they will need to be successful at one thing, and one thing only: running the football.

Final Score Prediction For Colts: 24

And For Saints...: 10

Whichever team can run the ball, eat up the clock, and mainly keep the opposing quarterback off the field will win the game. While common stats heavily favors the Saints, a whopping 131 to 80 yards on the ground as a team, I’m going to make a bold pick. I say the Colts outrush the Saints, open the play action passing game, and have a field day on the banged up secondary of New Orleans. You may be thinking I’m ludicrous to be running the ball with the MVP Peyton Manning as your quarterback, but I think the Colts will have great success on the ground because of the Saints respect for the pass.

If the Colts can convince the Saints that they can run, they will force them to stop the run, letting play-making receivers like Reggie Wayne or Pierre Garçon to make big plays in the passing game in 1 on 1 situations. As for the defense, I believe the Colts defense is fast and small enough to handle the speed and spread of the Saints offense, and with two power pass rushers, Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, they might be able to force fumbles.

It’s the Super Bowl…anything can happen.

Authored By: Dave H.

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  • Indigneous

    Colts will win. Hands down.

  • Dave H.

    Agreed. If the Saints play the way they did vs Favre and the Vikings, its over.

  • k


  • Dave H.

    Well my friend, the Saints do indeed rule!

  • Yu Kim

    I got drunk last night and can not remember anything.