One Manga: All Manga Scanlations Are Being Demolished

In a degree of unexpected shock to people like Romulation shutting down its Nintendo DS downloads, visitors and users of One Manga were shocked by almost a similar announcement: that scanlated manga will no longer appear on the site. If people visit, they will be greeted by a pop-up titled “There is an end to everything, to good things as well” that announces this week will be “the last week of manga reading”. Announced by Zabi, the notice goes on to say “manga publishers have their stance on manga scanlations and made it clear they no longer approve of it.” One Manga is ranked #935 on the Internet’s 1,000 most visited websites gathering in nearly 4 million users each month.

On the One Manga forums, members expressed disbelief at the news. Many railed against the manga publishers’ “greed” and reasoned that scanlations could not possibly have a huge effect on profits in manga sales especially when “most of the manga” aren’t in the least popular “over there [Japan]“. “Sorta feel like a piece of my heart has been ripped out. . . . I don’t want some other manga site. I want OM. OM was in all ways the best, about everything” posted a member, eightdollarwater.

“Oh well, it was good run” stated a forlorn member. However, members began to support each other and tried to be optimistic. “These guys might be able to shut this site but I am sure new ones will come up to provide us scantilations, just keep looking guys…we still get pirated music don’t we?” encouraged another member, Indian_Shinagame.

Zabi's Message.


Japanese companies have lately started to take a firm stand against piracy in games, mangas, movies, and television shows. With the help of foreign assistance in countries where the pirate servers are located in, the Japanese companies in all cases “request” to have its licensed contents removed.

One Manga decided to remove both licensed and unlicensed content from its website. One Manga and other scanlation sites encourage their members to buy the actual copies of the manga which usually provides a few people a reason to keep working in a gray area even though the practice of scanlating is illegal.

One Manga and other such sites are hosts to teams of scanlators putting their “finished product” of English-translated manga on the websites allowing millions on the Internet to view manga without buying the comics. Popular series such as Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach are among the manga available. OneManga visiters usually wait a week or so for a new chapter of the manga series they read unless the artist of the manga declares a hiatus.

Teams of manga providers work very hard to get a well-done English-translated series or chapters of manga out in the Internet. Renowned teams of manga providers are Sleepy Fans, FrankyHouse, and IEatManga.

 Teams are usually made up of:

Raw providers – Individuals who provide raw copies of manga chapters by scanning and storing them on their computers. Providers send the scans to the translator(s) of the team.

Translators - Individuals who can translate Japanese (Korean in some cases) to English and insert the translation into the manga chapters.

A small part of the Manga List that contains many manga series from #, A - Z

Cleaners/Moppers – After the translator inserts the translation, cleaners or “moppers” clean up any mess the translation has left behind.

Editors - Individuals who can “clean” the manga up after the above members finish their job.

The One Manga team and many members have decided to continue using the forums of One Manga as “OMF has developed into a great community and it would be a shame to see that dissapear”. Zabi thanked every OneManga member and visiter “for unwavering support over the years” and has hinted that the team has “some ideas we would like to try out.”

Meanwhile, other manga scanlation sites have been declining at the requests of Japanese publishers. A few sites remain untouched by the Japanese publishing companies such as MangaStream which has only a few manga series available on its site in contrast to One Manga.

(Cover Picture: One Manga)

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About the Author

Gordon Aldridge, 35, lives in Glasgow with man's best friend, Scott. He is a freelance journalist following politics and interesting topics like Internet piracy.

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  • JulesRules

    As a fan of manga, I see this as both good and bad news. I can understand that the publishers are losing money due to lack of sales thanks in large part of manga scanlations. If the publisher doesn't get paid, then the manga artists don't get paid which means no more manga. On the other hand, it is hard for some people to acquire manga even if they are willing to pay for it. There are some people who live in different countries where some titles have yet to be released. Also there are shipping restrictions like how one online store can't ship outside the United States and so on.

    I do wish that the publishers could consider a site that will allow people from all over the world to read manga online with a small fee that could cover both costs of running the site and to support the artists… Like maybe a set annual fee. It would be legal and fair to both fans and publishers. Those who have a problem with paying? Grow up, you can't get everything for free.

    I have visited One Manga many times to check out a new series, and if I liked it, I would try to buy it. Unfortunately there are those who don't do the same even if they are fully capable to do so. I think that if that was the case, then maybe the publishers wouldn't be on the warpath.

    • mel

      i think you are right. but what about the fans that really cant pay for it but they love manga? i really want to see what happends in this argument because i love manga and even though i dont actually pay i try to support hard work when i see it.

    • Twisted_Transister

      Well said! I love OneManga and am going to miss it very much. I would be more than willing to pay a bit to have the same access tho, it's more than worth it.

    • JustStumbledUpon

      I think the problem about paying is more the way than the willingness to pay. How to pay? Transferring? Too long-winded (There´s even no standardized fee with represented currency). It´s easier and more comfortable to download free. But what if publishers, artists and distributors cooperate and corporate an integrative platform of easy (!!!) and fast (!!!) paying with immediate reaction/effect (i.e. opening the desired manga for reading). Then, I believe it´s more comfortable to click than search and download illegal for free reading.
      Of course, it has to be affordable, because we are reading usually more than one story.

  • Cee

    I try my hardest to support the titles I care about. I buy the official English translation, I subscribe to Monthly Shonen Jump, and I buy official merchandise (both imported and American-released) whenever possible. I do not take the artists or the industry for granted, and I understand why they made the decision to halt scanlations.

    With that said, I am going to hate that it will be impossible to obtain the chapter at the same time (or a few days after) the Japanese release. American companies just can't compete with the speed of a good scanlation team.

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  • RonaldMcFondal

    This works well for major manga like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece. But for the less known they are going to stay unkown scanlations provided all manga with face time. Sad to see onemanga go I periodically checked updates on the site. Onemanga has always been respected publishers request to remove content so I doubt other more untrustworthy sites will stop posting scanlations.

  • fuckoff

    bunch of faggots acting like people really want to pay. all of u shut the fuck up.. fuck onemanga there's always somewhere else. buncha a fucking fags posting their bitchass open boypussy comments

  • groundfish

    one manga has the biggest collection of manga and it is load quite fast compare to other manga site.
    i wonder where to find a manga site that support mobile version like one manga . cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,OM i'm going to miss you!

  • Theyneedtokeepup

    We should start learning japanese, We can always find raw

  • boom

    Guys look at the bright side OM didnt say they were going to stop powering websites like did they?

    • GordA

      Since 1000manga is the sister site of One Manga, 1000manga will also have its manga contents removed. Both sites however are still going to exist.

  • Satoshi

    I was glad to hear that foreigners would stop STEALING Japanese contents.ψ( ̄▽ ̄)ψ
    We don't need our contents to be famous if we can't have profit from people outside Japan.

    • johan

      Gotta love Japanese pure breed racism.

    • chobibo

      A lot of your stuff aren't translated so no use stealing it, since not everyone can understand japanese.

      In reality, japanese manga benefited from these scanlations, before this was widely being done, not all people can access manga, no access means no fanbase. Investors and/or businessmen won't invest in something they think won't get them money. When these scanlators started doing this, business opportunities also arose from these materials, so the merchandise related to them is now valuable, so now they sell.

      A better idea would be hiring these scanlators, since they can provide online content better than their counterparts. Then get payments from each viewer. Hoarding these "contents" would make less profit for you.

      I think calling these scanlators "thieves" or other degrading names aren't appropriate since without them, we wouldn't have known your shit.

      • JCCubed

        I agree with chobibo. Speaking for American "foreigners", we only get legitimate access to english translations of the very few Manga series that the large corporations decide to send to USA. so these scantalation sites provided access to many new mange series that we would never have been exposed to in any other way! I would have liked to have seen OneManga become a pay site instead of closing down.

        • CptnJoe

          Agree, some of my favorite Mangas have no official English releases. It is very sad to see it go I do hope that the publishers will "wise up" and realize there is a market for even many of the smaller Manga all over the world. Not just in Japan.

          OM was a diamond among rocks. I will miss it so. (Yeah where am I going to read all my favorites now!??!?!?!?!)

          I now have a whole list of Bookmarks on my web browser that DO NOT WORK the way I want them too..

          • truth

            you guys are just fucking cocksuckers, if you really think this will help the manga industry or something you're fucking morons, I'll just find another site to get all the manga i want free. Besides the fact of the matter is that producing a manga costs around 95 cents and i would be willing to pay about five dollars, but 7 dollars and up? fuck that you kids get your parents to spend your money but i'll get games, movies, and all the manga i want for free

    • Nero

      if it weren't for the fans of Haruhi Suzumiya it never would have gotten out of Japan, thanks to fans and such spreading it around over the net it got a much much much bigger fanbase than your tiny little island could provide it.

  • Nero

    btw it probably had almost nothing to do with the Mangaka themselves but the Publishers.
    the Scanlation sites probably had almost nothing to do with it.

  • Queen

    I heard from an insider from a Japanese corporation that they are trying to enforce a strict monopoly over online manga by slowly using the threat of being sued to eventually weed out all unpaid for sites, and then raise prices by as much as 50-100%. Sometimes, corporate greed is simply too much.

    They are mainly trying to do this because, according to the insiders whom I met up with (from US and Japanese companies), that many CEOs have received a directive directly from the US and Japanese governments to try and make as much money as possible from people in order to delay the inevitable debt crisis that soon befall both USA and Japan. It is inevitable that they will get hyperinflation issues in trying to fend off the debt, but they are just trying to prolong this existence of a fiat economy and hide that information from people as much as possible, in order to make sure this pseudo-prosperity holds.

    The fact that not just the big companies in charge of big things like superconductors are doing this, but also those in charge of intellectual property like manga, shows how serious they are right now. Try to stock up gold, stocks, land, or savings in other currencies. When the day comes that these 2 countries default, there will be a great depression far worse than anything you have seen on this planet for the next few decades, and countries will go to war to divert people's attention.

    I work directly for many political branches in the US and I know this, both directly and indirectly.

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