Japan’s Politics Grows Tense

Kenko Matuski, a member and secretary of Japan’s Diet, resigned from his post citing reasons that included dissatisfaction with Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s style of managing the Japanese government. This recent shift inside the Japan’s ruling party (The Democratic Party of Japan) is the latest in a series of pressures on Prime Minister Kan to resign from his role as prime minister.

Public approval of Prime Minister Kan has been crushingly low.

After backtracking from his stance on a more “firm Japan” towards the U.S. military policies regarding the base on the island of Okinawa and changing certain policies, Naota Kan has been facing a dissapointed public and a very disgruntled home party making his attempts to act within the Japanese government very frustrating and difficult.

The situation became worse for Kan after he reshuffled his cabinet in the face of political challenges from Ichiro Ozawa.

The creation of new groups and factions set against Kan and his attempts to pass budget bills particularly the $1 trillion budget is also hampering the Prime Minister.

Former Democratic Party of Japan President Ichiro Ozawa’s financial scandals involving the alleged misuse of political funds to buy land have also started to stick to Prime Minister Kan as an ironic consequence of affiliation which only worsened after the indictment of Ozawa.

While opponents outside of the Democratic Party of Japan in the Diet demand reform or resignation on the part of the Prime Minister, many within the Democratic Party of Japan are also calling for his resignation and new elections as the feelings of dissatisfaction grow.

Former Minister of State for Economic and Fiscal Policy Naoto Kan who replaced former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, who had also changed his stance to pro-U.S. on the U.S. Okinawa military base due to recent North Korean transgressions in the area and resigned in May 2010, has been known for his unpopular proposals to increase taxes as both finance minister and Prime Minister.

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