Boston Tea Party 2012 National Convention Is Now Underway

The BTP National Convention is taking place now until 10:45 am (EDT) May 7, 2012.
Five candidates are seeking 4 positions as At-Large Reps.

Mike Blessing, Joseph Wendt, James Ogle, Todd Andrew Barnett & Doug Gaking


Nominees for Chair: Darryl W. Perry & NOTA
Nominees for Vice Chair: John Wayne Smith & NOTA
Nominees for Secretary: James Ogle & NOTA


There is also a resolution before the party which states:


Whereas the membership of the BTP is largely inactive, and
Whereas the number of State affiliates has decreased since 2008;
Be it therefore resolved, at the close of this National Convention, that the Boston Tea Party shall cease to exist as a political party.


Vote for National Committee Officers:


“This poll shall include the option “None of the Above” (hereinafter referred to as “NOTA”). This poll shall run in 24-hour cycles. At the end of each cycle, if any candidate has polled a majority of voting members, he or she shall be declared the winner of the office. If no candidate has achieved a majority, and if NOTA has likewise not achieved a majority, the poll will be renewed with the candidate receiving the fewest votes on the previous iteration removed.
The officers so elected shall take office at the close of the convention and remain in office until the close of the following regular convention.”


Vote for National Committee Chair
Vote for National Committee Chair
Vote for National Committee Secretary



Vote for At-Large Rep. to the National Committee:


“The poll shall remain open throughout the convention and end with the convention’s adjournment. The method of election shall be “approval voting” — each voting Party member may cast votes for all nominees whom he or she deems acceptable, and the four nominees who poll the largest number of total votes shall be elected.”


Mike Blessing
Joseph Wendt
James Ogle
Todd Andrew Barnett
Doug Gaking

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