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Pandora…a bountiful and beautiful planet, its ecosystem full of the strangest beasts, its beautiful creatures of the air, land, and sea roam throughout the delicate terrain. Its native, indigenous species of humanoids called Na’vi or “The People” live peacefully in harmony with nature and all of its creatures, very rarely killing or even harming other life. The Na’vi is beseiged by human colonists desperately searching for urgently needed energy sources in the future year of 2154 and thus the story begins.



Avatar” has been heralded as a “next generation” of movies, specifically 3-D due to its groundbreaking filming technology that was employed. The script itself is astounding as it was in development since 1994 by James Cameron and had to be held until the right technology to produce it came along.

Many [before the release of Avatar] criticized certain aspects of Avatar mostly about the possibility of it being a “yawner” that includes “blue-cat alien creatures” with fancy CGI that wouldn’t get many views and dissapoint the masses. However, the official budget of Avatar was 237$ million dollars and is a huge success in terms of critical review, gross income, and commercialism. Avatar within the first three weeks of its release had a worldwide gross of over $1 billion.

This boosted the movie up to 2nd place on the list of highest-grossing films of all time. James Cameron acknowledged that some of the films that inspired the idea of Avatar was At Play in the Fields of the Lord, The Emerald Forest, and Dances With Wolves.

Multiple sources of inspiration also gave James Cameron the ideas for the fictional universe of Avatar such as the Huang Shan mountains which gave birth to the movie’s planet’s geographical setting of floating mountains.

While watching the movie, viewers should get a sense of cultural clashes between the two character ‘camps’ of humans and the aliens which Cameron wanted for his audience as he believes the film stands for peace between cultures like the theme of Pocahontas suggests as many criticize. However, unlike Pocahontas, the storyline actually has a war and symbolic scenes of the “real world”.

It is as Tim Brayton says from Rotten Tomatoes, “It stops being a story at all and is instead just a sheer, unmitigated visual and auditory experience, two hours and forty minutes of being exposed to a brand new world.

The Huang Shan mountains inspired one of the geographical features of Pandora.

In fact 60% of the visuals of the film was computer-generated while the remaining 40% was live action.Not only does Avatar represent paradise with a small challenge to the audience to think about how humans interact with nature and among themselves, Cameron also acknowledged that Avatar criticized the war in Iraq and general warfare. Criticizers, while admitting the visuals were ‘perfect’, gather their disappointment from the movie’s plot. While it certainly glossed over a few story bumps, the movie nevertheless gave the general plot and message while at the same time leaving room for a sequel or two with breathtaking visuals still upholding its duty as a movie; to entertain.






Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Recommendations: For those “okay” or “unsure” about sci-fi movies, this could be one you like, for sci-fi or adventure fans, don’t miss out on the 3-D!


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